Saturday, July 30, 2011


Here are the high points of my week:

Yelling at the child to "Ford the river!" when we were at the park. The river was more like a babbling brook.

Watching two-ish hours of The Nanny on a Friday night. Fran Drescher needs no other explanation.
the nanny fran drescher

Discussing with a three-year-old the ins and outs of gingerbread cookies, pierced ears, and the meaning of life.

Sharing my vast knowledge of Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Only Nate Berkus could outshine me.

And on that note, I wish you all a good weekend.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Not a Tourist

I just returned from an incredible trip to Washington DC, and I'm trying to remember all of the moments when I thought I should blog about this. It turns out that my map reading skills far surpass my memory at the moment, but I'll still share a thing or two I learned during my week-long adventure.

I spent Sunday afternoon at the National Zoo. It was a perfect day.

I pride myself on looking like a local rather than a tourist. I spent way too many years sporting a fanny pack and a bewildered look on my face, and I'm here to say that confidence and a good pair of casual sandals can do wonders for any traveler. It makes me giddy when people ask me where to find things when I'm on vacation. It happened at least three times this past week, and I proudly shared my semi-useful knowledge of the city in order to help my fellow traveler.

A portion of the Berlin wall on exhibit at the Newseum. This side faced West Germany. The other side is completely clean.

I'm always impressed by the amount of fun I have when I travel by myself. This time was no different. I stayed with my good friend, Alex, but we only really saw each other in the mornings and before bed. All the rest of the time, I wandered around the many museums and monuments of DC, not once thinking that I would rather have someone with me. I did things at my pace, skipping the exhibits that didn't interest me, and spending extra time in the places that did. I also spent as much (or as little) money on things that I wanted, and I never felt bad for making someone go out to eat somewhere that was a little more expensive. I cannot emphasize enough the joy I find in traveling alone. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I encourage you all to find a little alone time the next time you go somewhere. It's good for the soul.

A view of the Capitol, complete with Canadian flags...

From interesting (and creepy) men, to the cute little girl who sat next to me on my flight home, I'm most convinced that traveling helps to open my eyes to the other 6 billion people with whom I share this planet. We're all so different, and I'm reminded of that as I leave the homogenous land of Utah and see the diversity of another city. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had to see this country. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the world.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Midday Confessional


I'm not feeling very philanthropic at the moment. Actually, it's been more than a moment, and I don't know which is worse - the fact that I don't care about people, or the fact that I don't want to care about people. It seems that my harmonious feelings only extend towards those that I don't live with/by/near, and I can't manage to love those people with whom I interact most closely.

Case in point: you tell me about someone in Africa who has AIDS, and I'll gladly send you a $10 check to help the cause. But, you tell me that I have to clean one more of my lazy roommates' dirty dishes, and I will break something.

Also, as a self-proclaimed democrat, I'm supposed to be all about using the government's dollar to help out the less fortunate. I'm all for universal healthcare, and I'm (mostly) grateful for the welfare program, when it's used wisely. That said, I overheard some people talking about unemployment and disability benefits today (and these weren't people with disabilities), and I wanted to scream at them. If I can find not one, but two low-paying jobs in order to make ends meet, why can't you find a way to get your butt out from under the playground and to workforce services? Literally. They were sitting under a playground. It's frustrating for me to see people abuse the system that I work so hard to accept. I would happily fight for the rights of the underrepresented or misunderstood, but I won't stand by and watch people abuse the system.

There you have my rant. I'm done sticking my neck out for people who refuse to return the favor, and I'm definitely done serving those who cannot show their appreciation for my service.

The end.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

These Days.

These days I'm struggling to figure out what I'm still doing up in Logan. Without air-conditioning, a solid 9-5 job, and a worry-free living situation, I'm pushed to escape the confines of Cache Valley and make something bigger of my life.

These days I sleep with ice bottles in my bed. I might have temporary numbness in my lower appendages, but at least I'm not roasting.

These days I'm counting down to my trip to DC. Only seven days till I'm on a jet plane headed for our nation's capital.

These days I watch Christmas movies to remind myself that we only have six months left to complete all our shopping and wrapping. Actually, the Christmas movie is The Holiday, and it's mostly due to Jude Law's attractiveness that I'm watching it. Oh, and the fact that it's snowing. Have I mentioned how warm I am at the moment? Snow is a beautiful sight.

These days, I'm grateful for the little things, and I'm going to keep plugging along until I get to where I want to be.