Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Philosophy:

No, not one of Sally's many philosophies from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." Not even something profoundly written by Aristotle or Socrates. My philosophy comes from one of the weirdest, yet most original people to ever walk this earth. His name is Andy Warhol, and he's one of my crazy/fantastic heroes. He had the ability to make art from the world around us. He believed life to be one grand joke, and he lived every day as though it were made for him. That's why his philosophy is mine:

"Every day's a new day."

I have it written and sitting on my window sill. I see it as I get up each morning, and I notice it before going to bed each night. It is this philosophy that keeps me grounded in the moment, for as we all know, only today really matters.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day in the Life

I would like to live a Beatles song. Maybe not one where they're all high, like "I am the Walrus" (well, maybe I would like this one... coocoocachoo) or "Sun King" or even "Revolution 9," but a Beatles song nonetheless. I just think that I would enjoy my day more if it were a song like "A Day in the Life" or "Blackbird" or most definitely "When I'm 64." While I see myself as a modern-day Eleanor Rigby, I do not think that I'm above using a silver hammer to knock some sense into my friends. I also want to marry a man named Jude, and I hope we have a daughter named Lucy and a son named Rocky. Let's just say that I'm quite a fan of the Beatles, and I think that my life is better if one of their songs plays during my day. The end.

Just kidding. One more. My favorite.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Brief Rant

I'm a little bit riled up right now, and I didn't see facebook as the appropriate forum for my words. So here I post, and I hope that whoever reads this will know that it is an opinion, based in research, and not declared as fact.

I am so sick of people who want others to fail. Where I am sometimes guilty of looking down at others or making snide remarks about another's misfortune, I believe that it is all of our duty, as children of God, to wish the best out of one another. That said, I cannot believe some of the hasty, heartless, and haughty things that I have read today. I don't believe that our democratic government set us up to wish each other to fail, but I feel like some people have taken recent the election, bills, speeches, etc of President Obama as an excuse to attack any group of people for their specific beliefs.

Now I'm not saying that we all have to think the same way. The beauty of this world is the fact that we have over 6 BILLION different opinions waiting to be shared. I do not believe that I have the right to declare my opinion as fact, but I do believe that I have the right to think/choose/act in a way that I feel reflects my personal ideologies and my core principles. I wish all people would feel the same way, but as for forcing them, I cannot do that.

Our country is great, and for the first time in a long time, I feel proud to be an American. I know many people throughout the world who look to America and see a promised land; I don't think we realize just how good we have it, because we are too busy looking for the faults of an imperfect leader that a subtle majority voted into office. Let me just say, Barack Obama doesn't run America, and neither does Congress or the party who holds more seats in the Senate. Americans run America: the hardworking, willing, hoping, fighting people who want to see this country succeed. There are 330 million of us, and I would like to see all 330 million one day wake up and realize that it's their responsibility to, like Gandhi said, "be the change [they] want to see in the world." That's it. We can do it. I know we can.

And PS, I love this man: