Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is the state of my life:

- Staying up too late. Always.

- Spending almost all my time with him.

- Watching countless episodes of Top Gear and laughing my head off at all of the silly antics.

- Finally going grocery shopping after nearly two weeks. I can now eat at home again.

- Cursing the never-ending cold in Logan, and remembering with utmost fondness the two days that I just spent in warm southern Utah.

- Sleeping. Now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shoe Love is True Love

There was this time that I wore a new pair of sandals in Las Vegas, and I got some lovely blisters on the top of my feet from the thin straps. Ever since, I've had some lame-o scabs on the top of my right foot, and I feel like explaining them every time someone sees me with my feet exposed. (Which is all the time. Also, I feel like I need to explain why my feet sometimes turn all purple-y and splotchy, even though that's no one's freaking business.) Well, after the initial shock of wearing a new pair of shoes, I usually put them away in my closet for a couple of weeks in hopes that my feet will change dimensions and that the pain they caused will no longer be an issue the next time I decide to wear them. (Case in point, the awesome bronze flats I scored in Cali, but which have only been worn once in the past month.)

Today, I donned the cutesy sandals for another dose of summer foot exposure. It's true that my sausage-like feet probably shouldn't be seen outside of a nice pair of orthotic shoes and ted-hose, but I insist on painting my toenails and putting on a cute pair of sandals as soon as the weather gets above 60 degrees. And today, I just kept staring at my feet. I cannot even begin to list how many times I thought about my adorable sandals and and the way that my feet weren't freezing (or throbbing with pain). Then I thought about Sperry's, and I probably spent a good amount of time at work looking up the different varieties of boat shoes and which ones I like the best (the red ones, two holes, always Sperry's).

I have an unhealthy relationship with shoes. I don't care if they give me blisters or if they don't really fit at first. A good pair of shoes will outlive any initial impression I have of them. They'll be able to handle my rejection after the first wear as a test of our relationship, and they'll prove themselves over time to be more loyal and comfortable than I could possibly explain. Oh, shoes. With you I can be so fickle and forgiving. Thank you for always keeping my feet on solid ground (unless you're moon boots, in which case, thanks for doing the exact opposite).

Friday, April 1, 2011


Turns out that I'm coming down with whatever illness he had last week. So lame. I'll make the best of it, though, and thank the heavens that next week is my spring break. I foresee lots of Einstein bagels, park adventures, and a resurrection of my photo career from last summer. I'm a pretty fabulous photographer, when the subject in question is a little boy with autism. It's pretty helpful that he looks angelic, even if it's not quite an accurate portrayal of just what a handful he can be.

It finally decided to be warm in Logan, and I'm looking forward to the longer days and open windows of the next few months. I realized that I was nicer today, too, as if the weather might actually affect my mood. Hmmmm. Let's just say that whoever gets to know me in the middle of winter (bless his heart) has to wade through a lot of crap before uncovering the happy-go-lucky, summer-lovin' Emily that begins to emerge right about now. It always surprises me just how happy I am to be rid of winter and on to the other glorious (and warmer) seasons.

More to come: baby animals, bicycle rides, and a return to the cooking/homemaking fiend that I can really be.