Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Writing

I was thinking that I could be a writer someday. I would write stories about life and how people find themselves during the normalcy that we all try to avoid. I would send these stories into a publisher and they would be wrapped and bound with the cape of wisdom that comes to published works. The picture on the front would not represent the characters or ideas in my imagination, as any artistic representation could not do justice to the boundless nature of my irrepressible mind. The pictures would stunt the minds of readers, who looked to these renderings in order to guide their thoughts. My thoughts and words would act as a guide to those looking for their own creative outlet, and I could sleep better at night knowing that my stories had found a place in the hearts of millions.

And then the message popped on my screen that my battery would soon switch over to reserve power, and in only a few minute's time, the power would shut off to preserve the work I had created. How would I ever be able to share my soul's story in fewer than 35 minutes? With life oozing out of my computer, my fingers are not propelled fast enough to compensate for the waning energy. I'll turn off the superfluous programs, darken the screen, and hope to God that these small measures allow me a few extra minutes of synapses and sentences. There would never be another time for me to say these things. Now, with my eyes squinting to see the dimness of my screen, I know that my plans for a marvelous story are well under way.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I Do

Lately, my time has been filled with awesome adventures.  I might not leave the comforts of my home, but I'm able to escape through other means.  Recently, I've filled many a spare hour with Photobooth.  I never knew I could be so photogenically hideous; it really is a talent.  Here are some photos, just for your viewing pleasure.

I'm a one-eyed, one-toothed creepster!

Tyler and me emanating our true artistic abilities.

And now... my dual personalities escape as I sing a duet from "In the Heights"
See you at the Tony's!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And Then She Posted

I can't believe I have neglected my blog for more than a month.  It is not that I don't have the time.  Rather, I have just found other things to occupy my day.  With jobliness and playingness, I am a busy girl.

In a little more than four weeks, I will return to a land that I love.  I can't wait to revisit my friends in continental Europe and Scandinavia.  I think that the four little flights might be the most adventurous parts of the whole trip.  I hope I can return with my sanity and wallet intact.  Let us all pray that I won't become like those girls in the movie Taken.  (I refused to watch that movie after being told that my cute cop cab ride was a sin... can you even imagine?)

Other than trip planning, I have notched many more memories into my "Summer Adventure Belt."  I reconnected with my friend, Tyler, and we have been able to continue our random outings to the greater land of Salt Lake City and IKEA.  We even decided to make our own "Adventure Books" like the one in the movie UP!.  I'm sure that we could fill volumes with our many silly adventures; there is no one besides Ty with whom I would rather have those adventures, though.  We really are one-of-a-kind.

From happy thoughts to mere rambling: I think that I might go insane if I can't have a good, solid, intellectual conversation very very soon (please note all of the italics in the previous sentence).  I don't mean this to sound harsh, but both family and work life leave something to be desired in the realm of intellectual stimulation.  Now don't go thinking that I have something against meal planning, television, or boyfriends, but they are nothing compared to the passion that flows in an English classroom.  I would even give up Tori and Dean if I could find someone who would teach me more about World War II Britain.  My parents have made it very clear that my interests have nothing to do with them, and they distance themselves from me whenever I try to engage them in a topic that I find fascinating.  Where my mom likes "The Antiques Roadshow," I enjoy CNN.  When I try to talk about books, they bring up "The Readers' Digest" or the "Ensign."  Don't think that my interests are in any way superior to theirs; however, they are very different.  This discrepancy leaves me feeling alone and alienated in my own home.  They have made it very clear that they don't want to like what I like, and I feel basically the same way about their interests.

My rant ends there, but I end with a plea for someone to call, email, text, or visit me to talk about something other than television or school lunch!  I beg of you!!!