Thursday, August 8, 2013


Wednesdays are the best when they include silly inside jokes at work – pretending to be the Spice Girls. Telling your boss he should dress up like Mr. Bean and getting yelled at. Touring a new apartment building and escaping to the roof. A 4:00-5:00 happy hour with all things British, including Prince William and the Beatles. Taking four wacky photobooth pictures, and stealing a double-decker bus off the wall for my office decoration. Getting free tickets to Shakespeare in the Park from Veronica and getting to invite three extra people because she finagled additional tickets. Walking from work to the temple to practice the piano. Stopping to buy a cookie at Levain. Getting down and dirty with Debussy after a long piano hiatus. Meeting up with friends in the park. Watching a hilarious rendition of “Love's Labours Lost” with fantastic acting, singing, and even a marching band! Laughing hysterically when the four main characters break out into a boy band reenactment of “To Be with You.” Light rain and a cool night in Central Park. Free cupcakes. Creeping on one of the cute male stars of the play after the show, until he agrees to take a picture with us. Yep. Wednesdays like that are the best.