Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Instead of Studying

Who knew that blogging would be so far down on the list of alternatives to being productive.  I'd almost forgotten that I had a blog until about two seconds ago when I went and reread some of my past entries.  Now I feel like it is an appropriate time to re-address the subject of my bland life as I withstand the homework calling to me from six inches away.
Life is grand!  I am almost finished with another semester of school, after which, I'll be off to California, New York, and Europe for a MONTH!  I can't wait: another thing adding to my current lack of motivation.
Other things I have done to curb productivity are as follows:
Blog Stalking (of course this is a #1 priority, even when I don't have other activities to be doing).
Making Food (my fridge is now filled with more food than I can possibly eat in the next three days before I move back to live with my parents).
Eating the above-mentioned food (self explanatory).
Writing thank-you notes to anyone and everyone... 
*Brief hiatus from list-making to fully endorse note-writing*
I think that everyone should make a list of people worthy of thanks and then sit down to express gratitude to them.  I know that this is usually an activity saved for November/December holidays, but I feel just as grateful now as I am in the dead of winter.  I'm so happy that I've been blessed with such rich examples and inspiring mentors, and I feel it is the least I can do to be able to share my gratitude with them.  I highly encourage anyone and everyone to buy some cute stationary (it just so helps that I found these at Borders for $10!), sit down for 20 minutes, and express your gratitude for the kindness, helpfulness, patience, encouragement, etc. of someone you know.  I promise that it will make life just a wee bit brighter, for you and for someone else.
*Back to the list*
Flower arranging (provided by the bouquet that I bought almost two weeks ago from Sam's Club, and that still hasn't completely died).
Phone conversation-ing (I've talked to more people about more things in the past two weeks than I think I have all semester...).
Internet shopping (just today I've added two pairs of pants and some shoes to my repertoire of online purchases... EEK!).
Planning the aforementioned trip to Europe (I scored with my round-trip ticket(s) for a total of $151.59).
Partying, socializing, and then taking the always-necessary decompression back into hermit-dom.
Finding a reason to go to the grocery store every day.
Walking, driving, biking places outside of my normal routine.
And finally... watching, listening to, or otherwise participating in movie-marathons, broadway sing-a-longs, and discussions about whatever movie seems to be playing in my head on a given day.
The End.