Monday, August 16, 2010

Doing That Thing I Do

Cities are my thing. I thrive amidst millions. I love the smells and the rush of air that comes from subway tunnels and skyscraper hallways. I feel alive as I hurry up and down the stairs that get me to the 'L.' Mostly, I love the way that cities – any city – can hold me in their grasp in just a few days. It doesn't take long for me to feel a part of the metropolis. I need one good map, a train ticket, and my ever-ready air of confidence to turn me from tourist to resident. Yesterday, a couple of people came up and asked me for directions. I don't know if they assumed I was a Chicagoan, or just a less-lost tourist than they, but it boosted my ego and reaffirmed that cities really are my thing.

We watched the Blue Angels perform at the Air and Water show yesterday afternoon. I trembled at the speed and daring feats of these awesome airplanes, and I relished my spot in the shade, overlooking Lake Michigan. We also walked up to Lincoln Park, even though we gave up finding the zoo in search of a more appetizing pizza adventure. Giordano's definitely didn't disappoint, and I took 3/4 of my awesome stuffed pizza home to enjoy over the next couple of days. The best part of my day was probably the 30 minutes I spent relaxing on Navy Pier, watching the sun set behind the magnificent skyline. I took lots of pictures and absorbed the moment as deeply as I possibly could. The architecture tour fascinated me; Chicago really is a city of a million different styles of incredible buildings. And while I can't say that it's my favorite city, or even that I'd really want to live here in the future, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit. I'm grateful for every chance I have to recognize my “things” – from Anthropologie cardigans to eclectic home d├ęcor, and most importantly cities – and understand a little more about this person named Emily.