Thursday, March 14, 2013

Like a Lamb

It turns out that the weather in New York City is quite unpredictable this time of year. The March adage of "In like a Lion, and out like a Lamb" is proving to be quite true. We've had some of the windiest, wettest, and ickiest weather these past two weeks, and I hope that the next two weeks prove to be just the opposite.

Yesterday proved to be one of the first lamb-y days, and I spent a couple of hours after work visiting some of my favorite stretches of green on this island.

Some baby crocuses deciding to peek up from the leftover fall folliage and show their true colors.

"Hello New Jersey!" This city provides many a magnificent sunset (and sunrise, too, but I'm rarely up that early).

Finally, a picture homage to Ireland, seeing as it is my favorite Irish holiday this weekend!